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Cheapest Time of Year for Tree Removal

Cheapest Time of Year for Tree Removal

As our name suggests, “Tree Care Professional,” we are all about taking care and nourishing your trees. Cutting your tree down is not our passion. Yet when your plant is unhealthy, dangerous, ugly & wrongly placed, it’s necessary to cut it down.

Removing a tree is important because it ensures the health and safety of your property. Since tree removal is a dangerous job, it can be quite costly. The more dangerous or larger a tree is, the more expensive it will be to remove it.

So, to help you save some bucks, we’ll tell you about when is the cheapest time of year for tree removal. In this way, you can better plan your removal service.

Cheapest Time of Year for Tree Removal

Fall Is the Second-Best Season of the Year to Cut Trees Down

Tree Removal in Cypress, TX

During fall, the demand for tree services decreases.

Guess what?

There is an economic law about supply and demand. In this case, the supply (companies) remains unchanged; what decreases is the demand (homeowners needing services). So, the lower the demand, the lower the price for tree services.

Simply put, fall is the second-best time of the year to get tree removal services.

During fall, tree companies are not as busy. And since fall and winter are considered the slow season, some companies may offer promotions and discounts to attract business. Additionally, the weather conditions in the fall are often ideal for tree removal.

As you know, trees start to shed off their leaves during fall. So, you can expect the removal process to be a bit messier. But there is nothing to worry about because if you hire Tree Care Professional, we’ll leave your yard very clean.

Winter Is the Cheapest Time for Tree Removal

Winter Is the Cheapest Time of Year for Tree Removal

Winter is the cheapest time to remove your trees.

Can you guess why?

Let’s put it this way: Winter is considered the slowest season for landscaping and tree removal companies.

In other words, there is less demand for services in winter. More specifically, February and March are the cheaper months for removal.

In the case of Tree Care Professional, we offer discounts and promotions to benefit clients looking to save money.

During winter, similarly to some animals like bears, trees hibernate to survive the cold winter. This period of inactivity is known as dormancy. Deciduous trees shed their leaves, making cutting down the trees safely and quickly easier.

Another great thing about removing trees in winter is that it allows you to plan for spring.

How so?

By removing any hazardous or dead trees in winter, you can prepare your yard for spring, when you’ll want to spend more time outside to enjoy your landscape.

Summer Is the Most Expensive Time for Tree Removal

Safe & Efficient Tree Removal near Sugar Land, TX

Summer is the opposite of winter. Right?

That’s so obvious that even prices know that! 🙂

Why do you have to pay more in summer for removing, let’s say, the same tree you could have removed in winter?

It all comes down to the supply-and-demand model. Summer is the busiest season for removal companies.

The demand for tree services increases during summer, but the number of companies remains the same. So, the higher demand makes the prices go up.

But why do homeowners tend to look for removal services during the summer months? During summer, homeowners spend more time outside, which allows them to identify more problems and potential hazards related to their plants and landscapes.

After noticing that their tree will need removal, they call companies to request quotes on removal services.

During Spring, It Is Also Expensive to Remove Trees

Crape Myrtle is one of the most popular deciduous plants in Texas. From July to September, they explode with white, deep rose or magenta blossoms. So, the best time to trim Crepe Myrtles is during winter and early spring.

Should You Only Trim Trees During Fall & Winter?

Spring is when plants wake up, and they start growing again and becoming active again.

And guess what?

During spring, companies are in more demand. And as our economic classes have taught us, the higher the demand, the higher the cost.

When to Avoid Tree Removal?

There are certain times of year when it’s best to avoid tree removal.

For example, removing trees during heavy rain or wind is not recommended, as these conditions can make the removal process more challenging and dangerous.

Removing trees during the spring when they are starting to grow and putting out new leaves is also not recommended, as this can put unnecessary stress on the tree.

Remove Your Trees in Fall & Winter!

Tree removal is a vital task to keep your landscape as you envisioned.

Since it can be costly, you can take advantage of the slow season of companies to remove them. This way, you’ll save money while keeping your landscape looking great and your loved ones safe.

Winter is considered the best time of year for tree removal, as it is the slow season for companies and provides the best price for homeowners.

Summer is the most expensive time for tree removal, as it is the busiest season for removal companies.

If you need exceptional tree service in Houston, Katy, Cypress, Tomball, Sugar Land, and Spring, TX, you should call Tree Care Professional to help you!

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